10 Foods For Your Protein Fix

Sep 22 , 2020


Melissa Kay

10 Foods For Your Protein Fix

Following a high protein diet means getting plenty of high protein foods packed into your day. Good sources of protein are available at various price points and fulfill the requirements for many different eating plans and preferences. From high protein meals to high protein snacks, high quality protein is the key to getting the most out of a high protein diet.

The best sources of protein are so important for building and repairing the body, from our tissues to our muscles to our bones. Protein keeps our hair, skin, nails, and blood healthy, and helps regulate hormones and enzymes throughout the body. Protein rich food is beneficial in more ways than one, and these 10 protein packed foods below are a nice variety for those seeking to add more protein to their diet.

What Foods Are High In Protein?

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Eggs are inexpensive and tasty, and each one is packed with protein – 6 grams per large egg. They’re easy to prepare, great for vegetarians, and are nearly always available at your grocery store. Scramble some for breakfast, make hard boiled eggs for a to-go lunch, and a cook up a veggie and cheese omelet for dinner. If you want a high protein, low fat meal, toss the yolks, and eat the whites only.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat




Chicken breast is one of the best protein meats with more than 50 grams of protein per breast. Compared to most red meats, chicken is less expensive and easier to prepare. Chop some up for a creamy chicken salad, add to your green salad, or make a main course with roasted veggies and a small serving of starch to round out your plate.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat




A 6 oz. fillet of tuna has 50 grams of protein. It’s filling and flavorful, and fish is a nice option when you’re all “chickened out.” Sear it on both sides and serve with a healthful side dish, slice some over mixed greens, or make your own homemade sushi rolls. Fresh tuna salad beats canned in terms of taste, but canned tuna is also an excellent protein source. Salmon is another smart protein rich option, with 45 grams of protein per 6 oz. fillet.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat


Greek Yogurt


Greek yogurt is super thick and creamy, and the protein count is considerable, with about 17 grams of protein per 6 oz. serving. Regular yogurt can’t compare, so be sure to go Greek when you’re perusing the dairy aisle. Use Greek yogurt in your smoothies and salad dressings, and as a substitute for sour cream. It’s perfect for a quick breakfast or mid-day protein snack.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat




Substitute your pasta or rice with protein rich quinoa. Quinoa is actually a plant, but the texture and taste is more like a grain. It’s delicious in the morning instead of oatmeal, topped with diced fruit and chopped nuts. Use quinoa as a base for rice and beans (beans are also high in protein), or make a faux mac and cheese with quinoa for your comfort food fix. Per serving (one cup), quinoa has 8 grams of protein.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat


Skirt Steak


For the die-hard carnivores who need beef in their bellies, go for skirt steak which boasts close to 50 grams of protein per 6 oz. Toss your steak on the grill for a mouthwatering supper, and save the leftovers for the next day’s lunch. Lean ground beef comes close to the protein count, perfect for burgers, meatballs, and taco night.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat


Soybeans (Edamame)


Your favorite sushi restaurant appetizer is not only fun to eat, but it’s protein filled with about 30 grams of protein per cup. As you nibble each edamame pod, know that your snack choice beats out nachos any day of the week. Tofu is made from soy as well, and per cup, you’ll get nearly 45 grams of protein. Both options are vegan-friendly, so dig in.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat




Cheap and comforting, lentils are a pantry staple that’s protein rich – 18 grams per cup. Make homemade lentil soup, toss into salads, and make a protein packed side dish, either warm or cold. Add to sauces and stews to boost the protein factor. Lima beans are also a high protein option, with 21 grams per serving.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat


Cottage Cheese


The dairy aisle is full of options, including the aforementioned Greek yogurt. Change things up with cottage cheese, which provides 14 grams of protein in half a cup. Double up for a filling lunch, top with fresh fruit or seeds, and mix into your cereal instead of milk. The taste is mild and fresh, making it perfect no matter your craving.

NDUR LOGO health and fitness best protein foods to eat


Pumpkin Seeds


When you’re in the mood to nosh, consider pumpkin seeds rather than your usual snack foods like pretzels or chips. The protein in pumpkin seeds is significant – 8 grams per ounce. You can purchase them pre-packaged or toast your own when pumpkins are in season. Add a little salt and seasonings, and your snack is a protein pleasure.

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