5 Best Cardio Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

Oct 05 , 2020


Melissa Kay

5 Best Cardio Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

Ah, that stubborn belly fat. No matter what you eat and how much you exercise, you can’t seem to get rid of that extra “jelly.” You may feel fit and firm everywhere else, but the belly fat has you bummed out. What to do? The right cardio! Aerobic exercise is the key to cardio workouts for weight loss. At least 30 minutes of cardio is ideal.

These five cardio exercises can blast the belly fat and get you in better shape. It’s not all about sit-ups and crunches to whittle your middle. You need the fat burning cardio for an allover workout to melt that belly fat away.

Get your blood pumping, your heart rate up, and before long, you’ll see real results. A flatter belly is possible, and it’s your cardio that fights the fat. Check out this list of cardio workouts. What cardio will you pick? The best form of cardio is the one you’ll actually do.


Running Or Jogging

Build stamina, work up a sweat, and burn plenty of calories when you run or jog.

This steady-state cardio can help you shed the belly fat, and the more you move, the faster you’ll see a difference. As far as exercises for cardiovascular endurance go, running and jogging are high on the list.

Start slow if you’re new to running or jogging, and each day, pick up the pace and log in more miles. Find a safe path outdoors or use a treadmill on an incline for a more intense workout.

If you’re not yet able to run or jog for a decent stretch, start with “power” walking and move on from there. As long as you’re consistently moving, you’re on the right course. Fat burning cardio is right at your feet!







Not only is riding a bike fun (and functional), but the movement is a great weight loss cardio workout. You can do your biking outdoors or on a stationary bike or recumbent bike inside. If you want to work out among a group, try a spin class for the camaraderie. There’s also at-home options like Peloton for motivation to keep you moving.

Now’s not the time for a leisurely ride. To blow off the belly fat, you must cycle with intensity. Like running and jogging, build up your stamina so you can shed the fat faster. Prepare to work your large leg muscles as you pedal with passion.



HIIT Workout (High Intensity Interval Training)


For those who crave a variety of moves, a HIIT workout keeps it interesting. You’ll do all sorts of heart-pumping exercises at a quick pace with brief breaks between each. The activities are challenging and keep you on your toes.

With each workout, you’ll get stronger and in better shape. You’ll build muscle and burn fat, and as you keep at it, you’ll notice a trimmer tummy you’ll want to flaunt. As you continue with your HIIT workouts, be sure to step it up and take it to the next level. There’s always room for improvement, and as you advance, your belly fat will become ancient history.







Elliptical Machine

Nearly every gym has a bunch of elliptical machines, and you can purchase one for your home gym too. The smooth and steady movement is easy on the joints, making it a smart choice for those who deal with impact issues.

You can select a workout from the machine’s numerous options, or pick your own program suitable for your activity level. Each time you use the machine, be sure to increase your time, intensity, and resistance. The movements make use of nearly all the muscles, and the cardio effects are impressive, showing your belly fat who’s boss.



Rowing Machine

Rowing isn’t just an upper body exercise. When you engage the leg muscles by using the machine as intended, it’s an all-body workout that gets you in shape as you sweat it out.

Say goodbye to belly fat as you power through the rowing moves. Pull with concentration and good posture to get the best cardio results. As you get stronger, go at a higher resistance and at a faster pace. You’ll be drenched in sweat as your endorphins energize you to push harder.

Your belly fat doesn’t stand a chance when you take your cardio game to the max! Pick the best cardio exercises for your taste and your aerobic workout will transform your body.


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