How to stay positive when times get tough

May 11 , 2020


Cory Shreffler

How to stay positive when times get tough

Life's curveballs can come at you really fast, especially when you’re least prepared. Before you know it, you’re finding it hard to keep your head above water. Whether it’s a financial problem, divorce, chronic health issue, death of a loved one, or job loss, going through a tough period can be mentally draining. Nonetheless, it is important that you stay positive and never allow such tough times to get you down.

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be, it's the way it is. The way you cope is what makes the difference." – Virginia Satir.

Furthermore, having a positive mindset, especially when going through tough times, is extremely important. In fact, staying positive is crucial for your physical, emotional, and mental health. But how do you maintain that inspiring mindset even when times get tough? Here are some tips to help you stay positive during negative times.

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Smile More

When going through tough times, it ‘s important to smile more. Smiling offers several benefits. When you smile, it improves your mood and makes you feel better instantly. Also, smiling relieves stress and makes you feel less tired or less worn down. 

Dr. Samantha Madhosingh, in his article Five Powerful Reasons to Smile, said, "When I am going through challenges, a smile is what you will see on my face. Because I know that smiling helps me shake off the negativity and feel better."

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A good sweat session can improve your mood and increase your energy when feeling down. Also, exercising can help to sharpen your focus. You have probably tried your best to handle the situation. Now isn't the time to worry about something that is absolutely out of your hands. What you need to feel better is to spend more time at the gym. Exercising during negative times will definitely improve your mood and help you feel better. You can track your exercise routine with the Ndur Wearable Technology.

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Practice Gratitude - List the Positive in Your Life

Furthermore, you should practice gratitude when going through negative times. While this may be a tough period, you may seize the opportunity to list the positive things in your life.

Reddit user said, "When going through difficult times, I make a mental list of all the things I'm grateful for in life… It helps me shift perspective to the things I have in life. It's great to be grateful."

Also, science has found that practicing gratitude is good for our health. It helps you release positive chemicals in your brain. Gratitude also improves sleep, reduces anxiety, and depression.


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Take Care of Your Health and Wellness

Another way to stay positive during tough times is to monitor and take care of your health and general wellbeing. This involves practicing mindfulness and talking to loved ones. This is not the best time to be overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness, frustration, or anger.

Find a support community with people that understand what you are currently going through. Eat regularly, and make healthy life choices. Also, you can start a fitness routine to stay fit and healthy during this tough period in your life with a wearable smartwatch.



Other tips to help you stay positive when times get tough include;

Go for a Walk: You should never underestimate the power of walking. Going for a walk when feeling down can make you feel happier, boost your vitamin D levels, and give you energy.

Watch Comedy Videos: If you are going through challenges, you need people to help you stay positive. You can visit YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok to watch comedy videos and skits. Such comedy videos will make you giggle and feel happy.

Talk to a Friend: Also, when going through tough times, talking to someone that cares may be all you need to feel better. Getting those overwhelming thoughts off your chest is a good step towards staying positive.

Don't Panic: Panicking, feeling upset, and stressing yourself out will only make things worse. Things are bad already. You should focus more on the solution, not the problem.

Be Optimistic: No matter how bad things may be for you at the moment, there's always a bright side to life. Be optimistic, and actively look for the good side.

Enjoy Life: Finally, always remember that life is short. You need to enjoy life as much as you can. Make wonderful memories, and keep a positive attitude.


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There you have it! Above are some tips to help you stay positive when times get tough. Tough times affect us in different ways. Some people or communities usually hurt more than others. Nonetheless, overcoming tough times requires that you stay positive and take care of yourself. By following the tips provided above, you can stay positive when times get tough, stand tall, and deal with life’s curveballs head-on.


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