Is Your Diet Draining You? How To Eat For Energy

Jul 27 , 2020


Melissa Kay

Is Your Diet Draining You? How To Eat For Energy

Keeping up with the daily grind, from work hours to workouts, and everything in between, takes steam. Your daily diet plays a major role in how you stay on top of things and operate, so be sure to fuel your body with energy-boosting foods that keep you going strong from sunrise to sunset.

You want a well-balanced diet that keeps you steadily nourished, so you don’t get those spikes and dips that wind you up and wear you down. Certain foods help maintain steady energy, so you don’t overdo it, then feel drained.

Before you guzzle another cup of coffee for “energy,” know that the caffeine kick does have its charms, but you’re better off consuming something more substantial, especially if coffee gives you the jitters.

These foods below are excellent choices for endurance and staying power. They’re tasty too, so you’ll feel satisfied with your stamina-boosting selections.


Beans are an inexpensive and efficient energy source, packed with powerful protein and lots of fiber. You’ll digest them slowly and they’ll keep you feeling full for hours.

Beans are a good source of magnesium, helping your cells produce energy. Make a savory stew or a hot bowl of chili, add beans to salads and soups, and mix and match different kinds. Perfect for vegetarians who need a healthful source of protein.

Sweet Potatoes

Get your carb kick with all the nutrition your plain white bread is lacking. Sweet potatoes are super nutritious, packed with lots of Vitamin A and manganese, which plays a role in breaking down nutrients to convert to energy.

Ditch the basic baked potato and swap in a sweet one. Remember not to load it with butter or sour cream if you’re watching your diet. Instead, sprinkle with seasonings, spices, and even a drizzle of honey or agave syrup. Sweet potatoes are great for breakfast too…switch things up.


Grab a banana on the way out the door when you don’t have time to sit down for breakfast. This popular fruit is not only convenient, but chock-full of energy-enhancing nutrients that boost your body.

The potassium and Vitamin B6 are energizing, and the carbs are perfect for a slow burn. Add bananas to smoothies and protein shakes for an extra dose of good health.


Get over the cholesterol quandary and know that a moderate portion of eggs is far better for you than anything bad you’ve heard. The combo of protein and fat keeps your belly happy and your energy levels high.

Rather than a bowl of flakes first thing in the AM, scramble a couple of eggs for a better balanced meal. Add some veggies for added health and heartiness.


Beets aren’t the usual go-to for those seeking some pep in their step, but they have been shown to improve circulation, getting the blood flowing and energy raised.

As a rich antioxidant source, combined with dietary nitrates, beets have been studied to boost athletic performance, as they help the cells produce energy. Add beets to your salads or combine into your favorite dishes.

You can also make some simple changes to add more energy to your diet:

  • Swap sugary cereal for whole grain oats
  • Munch on seeds and nuts rather than chips and cookies
  • Ditch the soda (diet and regular) and go for hydrating water
  • Choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate
  • Fresh fruit is far better than candy
  • Make protein shakes instead of buying sugary frozen coffee concoctions
  • Go for brown rice vs. white
  • Dark leafy greens are healthier than iceberg lettuce
  • Get plenty of healthy fats from foods like avocados and salmon

Your diet can either do you in or drive you. Eat well and your energy levels will shift.

Make every meal count and you won’t crash and burn.

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