Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Meds Or Miracles

Aug 03 , 2020


Melissa Kay

Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Meds Or Miracles

If your last visit to the doc surprised you when you learned your blood pressure was on the high side, or worse, through the roof, getting it down to a healthier level was surely discussed in detail with your doctor. Having a high blood pressure (hypertension) can result in a host of issues including the potential for heart attack and stroke. Frightening, but fixable.

Just like most medical problems, there are medications designed to reverse the damage, but unless your doctor feels meds are the only option, you can safely rely on self-care to bring your blood pressure down the all-natural way.

As always, consult with a medical professional before doing anything drastic, and don’t ignore doctor’s orders. However, these tips below are meant to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, and in turn, may have the desired effect of lowering your blood pressure, along with some other benefits for your body to boot.

Read on and learn how to lower your blood pressure without medications…or miracles. When we treat our bodies well, the rewards are the results.

Slim Down

Generally speaking, those who have extra pounds on their frame are more likely to see a spike in blood pressure. The more excess weight, the greater the chance their blood pressure is beyond what’s deemed healthy. Those with an “apple” shape are at greater risk – meaning fat around the middle rather than stored in the hips and thighs.

Exercise regularly and eat right, and watch the pounds disappear. You’ll be more energetic and eager to keep it up. Use your smartwatch technology to keep track of your progress. As you get fitter, you may find that your blood pressure falls into the safe zone.

Remember, before embarking on any new diet and/or exercise regimen, be sure you’re doing it safely. Talk about a plan with your doctor, trainer, or nutritionist.

Cut The Salt

A diet high in sodium is linked to high blood pressure. And it’s not only about how much table salt you sprinkle onto your plate. Many pre-packaged/processed foods are loaded with salt, so it’s up to you to be proactive and read those nutrition labels before you make a purchase.

Try to keep your sodium intake at around 1,500 mg per day. It may be an adjustment once you realize how much you’re consuming currently. The fresher you can eat, the better, so do what you can to avoid junk food and many canned goods that are packed with salt. Even foods that taste sweet can have a load of added sodium, so be aware and shop smarter.

Manage Stress

It can be difficult to control your emotions and how you react to anxiety-inducing situations. That said, excess stress can play a role in high blood pressure. Your body reacts to stress with the “fight or flight” reaction. This causes a spike in heartrate, and over time, can cause blood pressure to rise…and sometimes stay there.

Practice being patient and put things into perspective. Your calmness can help soothe you and lessen the effects of stress.

Try deep breathing exercises, meditation, or just a “time out” before flying off the handle. Don’t let the little things get the best of you, and when big issues arise, before freaking out, find a way to deal with the conundrum piece by piece so you can keep the peace.

Don’t Smoke

There are endless reasons not to smoke – a high blood pressure being one of the most crucial. Ditch the cigarettes pronto, and your blood pressure level is sure to become healthier almost immediately.

With an increase in blood pressure, along with damage to the blood vessels over time, heart disease is often in the cards for smokers. As if you needed another reason to quit.


These lifestyle changes will get you on the path towards a healthier and happier you. Maintaining a normal blood pressure is so important, just ask your doctor.

If you have questions or concerns about these tips, talk to a trusted doctor. They’ll confirm what’s smart for your situation, and work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Good luck!

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