Helpful Smartwatch Tips

Mar 15 , 2020


Cory Shreffler

Helpful Smartwatch Tips

How to maximize the battery life of your smartwatch


We all know the feeling of dread and despair when we realize we forgot to charge our smartwatch the night before our daily run, causing an unnecessary inconvenience. It’s happened one to many times, and if it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will soon. The beautiful thing about smartwatches is the fact that the technology is so new and underdeveloped, bringing the limit to nowhere but the sky with the features we should be seeing in the future. A major con that accompanies such features is the price the battery will pay. Rumor has It that companies such as fitbit are planning to combat this with its new charge smartwatch to bring the battery life to a whopping 3 weeks – Could you imagine?



While we remain optimistic about the release, here are a few tips for how you can increase your existing smartwatches battery life. Pending on the smartwatch itself, these will vary:



smartwatch with low brightness 



First and foremost, brightness is a pivotal factor in draining your smartwatches battery. While it can be convenient to have It at maximum brightness at all times of the day, it wouldn’t hurt to consider lowering it at times when max brightness isn’t needed. This can save you immense life on your battery


 wifi for Ndur smartwatch

WIFI Syncing


Limiting the connectivity of your smartwatch not hinder your ability to receive notifications and will save you a decent amount of battery by preventing the watch from overheating.


 notifications for ndur smartwatch

Block Unnecessary notifications


Blocking unnecessary notifications will not only clear up space on the app, but smartwatch as well. One of the newer brands out there, NDur, has actually implemented features on its app that will allow for the user to adjust notifications received by the sender. This is ideal for filtering through what you truly want to see, and what you really don’t care for. Take the time to review your notification settings and adjust to notifications you’re truly interested in seeing – Block the rest.

 ndur smartwatch for iphone and android

Disabling wrist gestures


The wrist gestures feature is pretty accurate on most smartwatches. With this being said, it still makes the mistake of lighting the screen up when you had no intention of looking at your watch. These can nickel and dime your battery in a big way – Disabling the wrist gestures feature will give provide you with that extra few hours of battery life that could make a difference in your day.


sleep tracking ndur smartwatch 

Snoozing the watch


Snoozing your watch will stop it from buzzing every time you receive a notification. Believe it or not, this can be a big battery killer. Snoozing it at times of rest, or when you’re too busy to even check your watch, will help optimize your battery

7+ day battery life ndur smartwatch cheap affordable smartwatches

Monitoring the battery 

This is probably the most obvious one but monitoring your battery on a consistent basis will help you understand how fast it’s draining, allowing you to adjust the features stated above to get you the most out of your smartwatch battery.



Hopefully, in the near future, smartwatch technology will be so advanced that this article will no longer be relevant. Until then, best of luck on optimizing your battery!



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