Tomorrow Starts Today! Do It…No Delay

Aug 18 , 2020


Melissa Kay

Tomorrow Starts Today! Do It…No Delay

Procrastinating is all too common. There’s always an excuse to put something off or push it aside. We say we’ll get to it tomorrow, but tomorrow comes and different to-dos come up. Before long, our intentions are sidelined for a stretch, perhaps permanently.

From “Later” To “Let’s Do This!”

Why do we drag our feet and dawdle? It could be that we perceive the activity or event in a negative light. We might be fearful that we’ll fail at the task at hand. Maybe we’re just plain lazy. Whatever the case may be, it is up to us to flick the switch and see our plans in a positive light. Mind over matter is magical, and when we focus on the fun and fruitful side of things, we’re sure to succeed.

Our Better Selves

Eating well and being active are essential, but people often declare they’ll start their diet or exercise routine some other day. “On Monday” is always a biggie. People figure they’ve gone this far eating unhealthily and being sedentary that one more day won’t make much of a dent.

This mentality only keeps us in the loop of preparing for a restart that doesn’t really have a jumpstart. Do it now. Make your next meal a nutritious one and go for a brisk walk or make use of your gym membership. The more time you give yourself to think about it, the more reasons you’ll come up with as to why today is not ideal to begin. Suck it up, stand up, and start.

Procrastination Piles Up

Of course, eating better and exercise aren’t the only things we delay. There’s housework, schoolwork, work-work, etc. There are thank-you notes that are long overdue and bills that are mounting. All this backlog leads to stress, yet we can’t seem to break the cycle.

Get To It

The ultimate spark is to start. Now. It seems daunting, but it’s doable. Begin with one item on your list and you’ll see how it motivates you to move along in other areas of your life too.

When you eat better, you’ll have more energy. This will lead you to get up and get moving, exercising, and so on. Your endorphins will be high and you’ll want to tackle the next project. Just like procrastinating can become something of a snowball effect, so can getting things done. The more you do, the more you can do.

There’s No Time Like The Present

Remember, today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Postponing your promise again is only going to work against you. You want more out of your 24/7, and the only way to achieve is to act.

Get plenty of rest to recharge, so your new reality can be realized. Go for your goals and don’t give in to old habits or peer pressure. You’ll become a shining example for others when they see you walking this prosperous path. Procrastination is so yesterday. Today, we thrive!

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