When Not To Work Out – A Rest Day May Be Required

Aug 11 , 2020


Melissa Kay

When Not To Work Out – A Rest Day May Be Required

When you’re on a workout kick, sleeping in or slacking off doesn’t jive with your jumpstart. You’re ready to rock it out on the rowing machine and do some damage to those dumbbells. No matter how eager you are to pump iron and perspire through your T-shirt, you may need to skip a workout here and there.

The idea of a rest day may sound like a no-can-do, but your body may need the time out to get in tip-top shape. In the long run, these off-days will work in your favor, giving you the chance to recuperate, repair, and restore.

Unsure when it’s a good idea to not work out? These common reasons below will give you insight as well as the incentive to chill out and resume your workouts when you’re back in fighting form.

You Are Running A Fever

A common cold is one thing. You may feel energetic enough to exercise, especially when it’s just the sniffles. That said, you don’t want to infect others, so do a solo workout at home or outside. Your Planet Fitness friends won’t be too thrilled about your wadded up tissues in the treadmill cup holder, especially in the age of COVID-19.

However, a fever is a different story. Working out can keep you sicker longer, as your body is trying to fight off an illness or infection. Give your body time to work its wonders, and get back to working out when your fever breaks. Not to mention, aches and pains often accompany a fever, along with dehydration. Don’t make matters worse because you have “FOMO” about an upcoming Zumba class.

Pain – Beyond Soreness Or Stiffness

It’s common to feel sore the day after a decent workout, especially if you’ve taken it up a notch or tried something new. Even a little stiffness is understandable, be it from your workout or an uncomfortable night’s sleep. But pain – shooting or otherwise – is reason enough to give your body a break.

Rest up and see how you are the next day. If the pain persists, see a doctor. You don’t want to run the risk of suffering long-term injury by compounding the problem by ignoring it. And don’t pop pain pills and work through the agony. You never know, you could have injured a joint or dislocated something.

If your pain is localized and not too terrible, perhaps you can otherwise work out without utilizing that part of the body. For instance, if your wrist is the issue, you can surely ride a recumbent bike without worry.

You Got No Sleep

Rest is crucial for the body, not just for exercise, but in general. Without a proper night’s sleep, your body won’t function at its full capacity, putting you at risk for injury. You’ll be groggy and weaker, and your workout won’t be worthwhile. There could be a reason why you didn’t get enough rest, so read up and learn how to get plenty of sweet dreams.

If you want to get your energy up, consider doing a few jumping jacks or enjoy a brisk walk to get your blood pumping. But you don’t want to get into heavy weights or cardio machines. You could strain yourself or even fall off a stair climber.

Take a nap and work out when you’re well-rested.

No Break, No Problem?

You could potentially work out every day. If you feel fine and have the motivation, by all means, get going. Be sure to switch up your routine so you don’t overuse any specific set of muscles, which can lead to injury.

Nonetheless, you ought to give yourself a breather by rewarding your exercise efforts with a day of doing nothing. Even the finest athletes “veg out” once in a while.

As long as you stay on track, you’ll stay in shape.

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