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Technology depreciates faster then cars. We're here to provide you with quality technology that doesn't depreciate, and can be used daily to assist in your journey to bettering yourself.

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Founding journey


A void in the market2019

After much research, we we're unable to find a quality smartwatch that was priced affordably, leaving those who wanted assistance on their health & fitness journey with no other option but to turn to the big, expensive brands.


The decision was made2019

Following this discovery, we decided to fill this void by bringing people a smartwatch that had all the necessary features, accompanied by one of the longest battery lives on the market.


Nationwide Approval2020

After selling over 200 units to people across the nation and individually following up to gather constructive feedback, we realized that the need we were trying to fill is more common then we thought.


To date2020

To date, we've sold over 1000 units to the public. While we continue to grow, we want to assure you that we will stick to the founding principals of Ndur. Continuing to provide quality technology to people, at quantity prices.

Why give our product a shot



The average american spends (yearly) $1092 at starbucks, $1872 on eating out at lunch, $2275 on wasted food... etc. It get's worse, trust me. Spending $65 on a watch that has the potential to change your outlook on life is something that would be worth considering.


30day Returns

You are more then welcome to return your smartwatch within the 30day window of purchase for any reason whatsoever (unless you outright broke it). From there, we offer a 6 month warranty that covers any defects you come across on the watch.


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My number is (281)744-3528. Call, or text me with any questions/problems you're having and I will always get back with you.

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